SecurePDF app privacy statement

What this app does

SecurePDF is fantastic utility to add, remove and modify password security of PDF documents in batch. Supports batch processing.

The SecurePDF is a standalone application running natively to add, remove and modify password security securely right on your computer, you do not need internet connection or to install any third party application or plugin to modify a PDF document.

Information collected, processed, stored, or transmitted

  • The SecurePDF app shows a list of PDF files added for conversion with basic file informations.
  • The SecurePDF app uses added PDF files for processing running natively on your computer.
  • The SecurePDF app allow you to save modified PDF files replacing original PDF files.
  • The SecurePDF app allow you to export modified PDF files as new PDF files at user selected target folder.

Use of information

The information collected is used only to enable use of the SecurePDF app. The information is stored on the device and is not sent to RootRise Technologies or neither sent to any third party.

Choice and control

The SecurePDF app allows you to add and remove PDF files from the app list.