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PDFGenius is a set of ultimate PDF manipulation tools. It’s an intuitive and complete PDF editing toolkit. PDFGenius offers features like creating and combining PDFs, splitting PDFs into multiple files, batch convert and extract PDFs into images and text documents. PDFGenius can perform PDF editing operations like insert, delete, extract rotate and reorder PDF pages. In addition you can crop PDF pages, remove links, modify metadata, add/remove password security, add page transitions, change initial view properties and advance document printing and reading properties. PDFGenius do perform all manipulations on PDF by preserving all contents (i.e. structure of the file, color profiles, fonts, links, bookmarks) without losing document’s integrity and does it very fast.

Very Easy-to-Use

  • Simple and straightforward single window user interface with toolbar buttons, menus and right click contextual menus for faster accessibility to makes application easy to use.
  • PDF manipulating operations can modifies PDF files indicated by prefix “*” in PDF list.
  • Zooming controls for bigger and smaller page view.
  • Full Screen support for OS 10.7 and later.
  • UI localizations for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
PDFGenius - Simple and straight forward user interface.
PDFGenius - PDF Merging options


  • Combine two or more PDF files into single PDF document.
  • Allows to group and merge PDF outlines(Bookmarks).


  • Split large PDF document into two or more smaller PDF files. Three divide criteria supported
    1. Split by number of pages per file.
    2. Split by file size. Split into maximum 50 MB per file.
    3. Split by top-level outline.
  • Option to preserve bookmarks after split.
PDFGenius - Split PDF documents by page count, file size and top-level outline options.
PDFGenius - PDF Split labeling options

Split Labeling Options

  • Allow customizing output split file names.
  • Add label to before or after original filename and use separator.
  • Option to get split file names as outline labels if Split by Outline.

Convert PDF into Images

  • Convert PDF documents into each page as image formats like JPG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, BMP and PSD.
  • Option to set Color Model. Convert PDF into images using RGB, CMYK and Gray color model.
  • Adjust JPEG image compression quality between lossless to least for JPEG and JPEG2000 image format. It allows you to control output image size and viewing quality.
  • Choose image resolution in dpi for destination images.
PDFGenius - Convert PDF to images like JPG, JP2, PNG, TIFF, BMP & PSD with other options
PDFGenius - PDF page extraction options

Extract Pages

  • Reuse selected pages from one PDF document into another PDF document, which allows to create new PDF file from selected PDF pages with all contents from original pages.
  • Two extraction options
    1. Extract each page as separate PDF file.
    2. Extract pages as single PDF file.

Extract Raster Images

  • Extract raster images from PDF documents into JPG, JPEG2000, PNG, PSD, TIFF and BMP formats.
  • Adjust JPEG image compression quality between lossless to least for JPEG and JPEG2000 image format. It allows you to control output image size and viewing quality.
PDFGenius - Extract raster images from PDF as JPG, JP2, PNG, TIFF, BMP & PSD formats
PDFGenius - Extract text from PDF documents

Extract Plain Text

  • Extract text from PDF documents into plain text (UTF8 and UTF16) documents and RTF.

Insert Pages

  • Insert new pages into existing PDF by inserting images or inserting pages from another PDF file.
  • You can simply drag and drop PDF and image files in page browser view to add new pages.
  • You can add blank page at selected page.
  • Allows to choose insertion location at first page, last page or specific index.
PDFGenius - Insert pages into PDF document location options

Delete Pages

  • Allows to delete pages from PDF file.
  • Auto detect blank pages from PDF document and delete.
  • Menu options to directly delete odd and even numbered of pages.
PDFGenius - PDF document password security options

Modify Password Security

  • Batch add or remove password security.
  • Allow to set PDF open Document Password and Permission Password with file restriction controls.
  • You can limit access to a PDF by setting passwords and by restricting certain features, such as printing and editing.
  • You can define encryption level and key size for document encryption considering compatible PDF reader. RC4-128 bit, AES-128 bit and AES-256 bit encryption level supported.

Change Metadata Description

  • You can modify PDF document's Title, Author, Subject and Keywords.
  • Batch modification allowed for multiple PDF documents simultaneously.
PDFGenius - Modify Title, Author, Subject and Keywords of PDF document
PDFGenius - PDF page transitions options

Add Page Transitions

  • You can create an interesting effect that occurs each time a page advances by using page transitions in full screen mode.
  • Set Page Transitions using various available effects, directions and speed.
  • Set Auto Flip and seconds between automatic page turning.
  • You can also set page transitions for a multiple PDF documents simultaneously.

Remove Links

  • You can remove links (annotations, internal links, external hyperlinks) from PDF documents or from individual pages.
  • You can remove links from multiple PDF documents simultaneously.
PDFGenius - Remove Links from PDF options
PDFGenius - Set page boxes (CropBox, ArtBox, TrimBox & BleedBox) margins

Alter Page Boxes

  • Set Page Boxes (CropBox, ArtBox, TrimBox & BleedBox) of the pages or documents.
  • Adjust the visible page area by setting CropBox margins.
  • Feature to remove white margins for CropBox. Crops the page to the artwork boundary.
  • Margin measurements units in Points, Millimeters, Centimeters and Inches for easy modification.
  • Constrain Proportions to lock the proportions of the margins so that all margins are the same distance.
  • One click option to restores the crop margins to zero.
  • One click option to reverts to the box margin selected with the original page box margin values.

Define Initial View

  • When a user opens your PDF document, they see the initial view of the PDF.
  • Organized into three areas-
    1. Layout And Magnification: Determines the appearance of the document. You can set initial view to navigation tab, page layout, magnification level and page to want.
    2. Window Options: Determine how the window adjusts in the screen area when a user opens the document. You cab set initial view with resized window, window location, open in full screen and windows with filename or title.
    3. User Interface Options: Determine which parts of the interface “the menu bar, the toolbars, and the window controls” are hidden.
PDFGenius - Define inital view properties of PDF document
PDFGenius - Define advanced PDF document properties like printing and reading options

Define Advanced Info

  • Define set of print dialog presets and reading options for the PDF documents.
  • Organized into two areas-
    1. Print Dialog Presets: Set Page scaling, Duplex mode, Print Page Range, Number of Copies and Paper Source by Page Size options to pre-populate while printing.
    2. Reading Options: This determines how a screen reader or other assistive device reads the PDF. Set PDF binding to specifies whether to display a PDF with left side or right side binding. Set entire PDF document's primary language.

Other Features

  • Rotate PDF document's page.
  • Shuffle & Reorder pages: Simply drag and move pages around in page browser view to reorder pages in desired sequence.
  • Easy-to-use selection menus to change page selection to only Portrait, Landscape, Odd or Even pages. It helps to easily rotate, extract, convert and delete particular set of pages from document.
  • Optimize PDF documents for Fast Web View. The fast web view is simply a method of allowing content to be displayed as it is being downloaded from Internet.
  • Create PDF document from images and also by capturing screen, window or screen area selection.
  • Allows to perform Split, Convert, Delete Blank Page, modifying Security, Metadata, Page Transitions and Remove Link operations on single and multiple files simultaneously.
  • Multiple modified PDF documents can be Save As another PDF files at another directory.
  • You can print PDF document.
  • Track pad zooming gesture support.