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$9.99, Ver:4.0, 64-bit, OS 10.9+
PhotoConvert 4 is a powerful and intuitive utility to convert and rename your photos in batch. PhotoConvert 4 offer features like image format conversion between JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PNG, GIF, WebP, BMP and more formats. It can import most of all RAW image types of various DSLR cameras. Rename feature to give meaningful name to your photos. In addition, It has options to preserve metadata properties (EXIF, RAW, TIFF, etc.), time stamp and also maintains source folder photo storage hierarchy.
PhotoJob - Simple and straightforward user interface.

Batch Convert and Rename your photos

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
  • Just follow three easy steps to export images
    1. Add or drop photos or folders containing photos.
    2. Select desire image conversion, optimization and rename options.
    3. Export to get new converted images in target folder.
PhotoJob - Image conversion

Format Conversion

  • Convert you photos into image formats JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, WebP, PSD, TGA, GIF, PDF and BMP.
  • Assign color conversion profile.
  • JPEG and JP2 image quality control. Set quality from low to lossless. Lower the quality for higher image compression to get smaller file size.
  • Option to retain or set new image resolution.

Auto Enhancement and Correction

  • Improve your photos. Evaluates the image and then applies the White Balance, Enhance, Curves, and Highlights & Shadows adjustment values in a manner that suits the photo.
  • Auto correct tonal values of shadows and highlights in an image based on image analysis. Auto detecting white and black clip point values and constrain to evenly redistribute the tonal range of the pixels between black and white. This is a fast and good way to make a quick correction to bunch of photos.
PhotoJob - Simple and straightforward user interface.
PhotoJob - Rename options


  • Give you photos meaningful names.
  • Use predefine preset or create new file name using combination of text and tokens.
  • Token tags like index, date, time, metadata properties, image size helps you generate dynamic name for photo.
  • Inserted tokens can be modified within the text field, Just click on drop down arrow on the token to pop up options to change selected token value and behaviour.
  • Save your customized name as new preset.
PhotoJob - Preferences settings


  • You can set default destination folder to store output images for all export operations.
  • Option to maintain exact source folder's storage hierarchy at destination.
  • Option to preserves source image metadata attributes like, EXIF, TIFF, GPS, RAW etc.
  • Options to keep original file time stamp (Creation and Modification date).
  • Options to suppress unwanted alert messages.

Other Features

  • You can batch rotate and flip images.
  • You can export images using any set of feature combination by turning ON and OFF feature. Save your favorite combination of features and option as global presets for efficient reusability for faster batch processing in future.
  • Supports source image formats like JPG, JPEG2000, PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, ICNS, TGA, EXR, XMB, SGI, PNTG and RAW image types (i.e .raw, .nef, .cr2 etc.) from most of all DSLR cameras and many more.
  • In-built Quick Look to see actual output before exporting.