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WPD Converter
$4.99, 64-bit, OS 10.10+
WPD Converter is a fast and easy way to batch convert Corel® WordPerfect® files (.wpd, .wp, .wpt) into Microsoft® Office Word (.docx), PDF and RTF formats.

If you receive WPD files as email attachments or you switched from Windows to Mac and wants to open and read WPD files? The easiest way to circumvent this problem (short of using Windows) is to convert WPD file to either Microsoft Office Word (.docx), PDF or RTF using WPD Converter.

Three easy steps to convert WPD files

  1. Add files into list.
  2. Set Export options and destination path.
  3. Click Export or Export All
WPD Converter - Simple and straight forward user interface.


  • Batch convert Corel WordPerfect documents(.wpd, .wp) and templates(.wpt) into DOCX, PDF and RTF formats.
  • WPD Converter retains complete layout, images and graphics into target format.
  • Most of WordPerfect formats (version 1-11) are supported.
  • Very flexible options to add files into conversion list. Simply Drag & Drop into list or Right click Open With in Finder or Drop on “WPD Converter" application to add files for export beside direct Add File/Folder buttons.
  • An advance option to maintain source directory hierarchy at destination with converted files in respective folders. While conversion Works Converter automatically creates intermediate directories of source file path in target folder with converted formats.
  • Source as destination folder to output documents beside original document in same folder on your computer.

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