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PhotoResize is fantastic tool to resize and rename thousands of images and photos at lightning fast speed. It offers features like resize using flexible editing controls with sharpness and resolution settings and rename set of images by adding prefix, suffix and number sequence. In addition PhotoResize preserves metadata properties (EXIF, RAW, TIFF, etc.), Creation and modification date and time. It also maintains file-folder structural hierarchy in target folder. Extensive preset management makes PhotoResize very easy-to-use and faster batch image editing for formats like JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, BMP and many more. Supports RAW image types from most of all DSLR cameras.

Very easy-to-use

  • Simple straightforward single window interface to batch resize thousand of images/photos in three easy-to-use steps
    1. Add or Drop images/folders.
    2. Choose required options.
    3. Click Resize/Resize All.
PhotoResize - Simple and straightforward user interface.
PhotoResize Pro - Image resizing options


  • Batch resize images to make it fit into a particular spot, if you need to save disk space or download an image more quickly.
  • Easy resizing methods like Fit to Width, Fit to Height, Fit to Rectangle, Crop to Rectangle, Stretch to fill Rectangle for different resizing requirement.
  • Flexible options to enter resize dimension values in Percent, Pixel, Inch, CM, MM and Points.
  • Option to retain or set new image resolution.
  • Sharpen option to apply sharpness while reducing to overcome fading blurriness and preserve hard edges.
  • Option to allow or prevent up-scaling images.
  • Default set of common resizing presets.
  • You can customize your favorite resizing options and save as new preset for efficient re-usability.


  • Give new meaningful names to your photos.
  • Rename by giving entire new filename or add prefix/suffix to the original filenames.
  • Flexible choice allows adding number sequence at start or end of the filename, varying starting digit and number of leading zeros.
PhotoResize Pro - Rename options
PhotoResize Pro - Preferences settings


  • You can set default destination folder to store output images for all export operations.
  • Option to maintain exact source folder's storage hierarchy at destination.
  • Option to preserves source image metadata attributes like, EXIF, TIFF, GPS, RAW etc.
  • Options to keep original file time stamp (Creation and Modification date).
  • Options to suppress alert messages.

Other Features

  • Drag & Drop out image files from list onto open folder in Finder to instant processing.
  • Supports source image formats like JPG, JPEG2000, PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, ICNS, TGA, EXR, XMB, SGI, PNTG and RAW image types (i.e .raw, .nef, .cr2 etc.) from most of all DSLR cameras and many more.